Takagi T-M50 Review – Commercial Tankless Water Heater

Takagi T-M50 Review - Commercial Tankless Water HeaterTakagi has always been known for its quality tankless water heaters. Its stunning innovations are one of the best tankless water heaters if not the best. They are famous for designing purpose driven models that suit narrowed down niches for more efficiency. This Takagi T-M50 is no different. However, it is high up the radar on its profound qualities. This heavy-duty natural gas tankless heater is highly efficient in commercial applications. It can be easily linked or multi-linked to meet the high demands of hot water.

Takagi T-M50 weighs 112 pounds and measures 24.8’’ by 25.3’’ y 11.8’’. This model has been doing really well in the market with lots of buzz that it is one of a kind. However, questions about how it is a perfect solution for a business have been circulating around. That’s why we decided to take a look into the unit and put down a thorough Takagi T-M50 review so you can get the whole idea of what it’s like. Let’s dive in already!


Takagi T-M50 Review
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-A maximum of 380,000 BTU/U and up to 14.5 GPM
-Easy link and multi-link capable
-Dual exchanger
-HRS copper
-Proper valve control
-8 dipswitch temperature settings
-7 segment LED error codes
-Ignition indicators
-Air fuel ratio rod


  • They are extremely versatile with one unit’s capability of being stored indoors or outdoors.
  • Has an easy-link capability up to 4 units and up to 10 units that could use a multi-controller unit to create 140 GPM.
  • Utilizes HRS copper instead of standard copper due to its higher resilience against corrosion.
  • With the dual exchanger system, there will always be a backup by another system if one runs out.
  • One can have complete control over the water valves in order to command the specifics.
  • With the 8 dipswitch temperature settings, there are a variety of options for purpose customization which is of high demand in commercial settings.
  • Has a 7 segment for error codes hence no remote controller is required for showing flaws.
  • For added safety, it uses air-fuel ratio rod.
  • For greater heat exchanger performance and more thermal stress resistance, the drum thickness has been improved by 25%.
  • Has more spread out fins which improves the longevity of the heat exchanger.


  • It is expensive to install.
  • It is expensive to maintain.
  • Tricky to navigate.

Customer Satisfaction

Takagi T-M50

This Commercial Tankless Water Heater is a great investment that large scale users can have. It is built to solve the current commercial water heating problems as well as supply the services it offers in a magnificent way. First off, customers have left a lot of inspired reviews about the easy installation that this unit provides. It may have something to do with the fact that most of these Takagi T-M50 units were installed by professionals. Another aspect that has been more than satisfactory to the customers is the high efficiency of this stunning beast. It can consistently supply large volumes of hot water in many outlets at the same time without compromising the temperatures or itself suffering any burn out. That is super productive as that is what every large business owner would want. In spite of its high performance, Takagi T-M50 is a money saver as it has an energy star rating which clearly reflects on the significantly reduced bills. Takagi T-M50 can’t seem to stop people from marveling due to its excellent features. As if it’s not enough, this Commercial Tankless Water Heater is equipped with self-protection measures without you worrying about the hazard indicator. It detects and indicates its prognosis and sooner or later troubleshoots. This pro feature has made a great impact on the users as all they have to do is buy this longtime companion who’ll keep both their interests in mind. The Takagi T-M50 natural gas tankless heater is a great Commercial Tankless Water Heater that only satisfies the customer for a long time after purchase.

Common Questions Asked


1.Is The Item Easy To Use?

Yes. With time you’ll learn about every little detail regarding your Commercial Tankless Water Heater and it will all seem basic.

2.Is It Durable?

This item is extremely durable. The long-time warranty shows you that the company is confident and ready to backup this fact with a replacement if any malfunctions are noticed.

3.Is It Ideal For A Small Business?

If you are planning on growing your business, this unit will suit you. However, its many benefits won’t be maximized if its supply of hot water is far above your demand hence it’ll be expensive.

4.Can I Use This Unit Indoors And Outdoors?

Yes. The unit can be placed both indoors and outdoors.

5.Can’T I Just Follow The Manual And Install It Myself?

Yes, you can. However, you’ll be risking your purchase because in case the unit has a defect, you won’t be compensated. Instead of saving a little money by DIY, pay a licensed installer to protect your warranty from voiding.

Final Verdict

Takagi T-M50 Review
Check the price
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Takagi T-M50 Commercial Tankless Water Heater is one of the best designed purpose specific water heaters. In fact, this Takagi T-M50 review can’t tell it all. One gets the whole idea of how amazing this unit is by owning one.

It’s worth spending your dollars in as I wouldn’t recommend if it wasn’t awfully close to perfect. Provided you need consistent water heating in large scale, this water heater is your perfect fit.