Rinnai RL75 Review

Rinnai RL75 Review

Water heaters are an essential household appliance for any modern home. The chances that you have made use of some heated water today is almost 100%. The significance of a water heater cannot be understated. If you don’t have one yet and you are looking to get one to serve your everyday water heading needs, then you have come to the right place. The Rinnai RL75 is a tankless water heater is designed to fit all purposes and is very effective in its approach to ensuring that your water gets heated at the appropriate temperature. In this review, you will learn more about the Rinnai RL75.

The Rinnai RL75 series comprised of two different models of water heaters. One is installed outdoor for effective heating of water while the other is installed indoor. Each of these water heater models has its own unique features which make it perfect for its intended purpose, depending on your current water heating needs.

Rinnai RL75i Model Review

Rinnai RL75iN Natural
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The Rinnai RL75i model of the Rinnai RL75 tankless water heater is designed to be installed indoor for all water heating. Since it is an indoor water heater, it is required that the venting is properly done. The Rinnai RL75i water heater makes use of natural gases. The venting type found in this heater is the “centric type”. This type of venting involves laying one out of the two heater pipes from the heater to an open area outside, for the collection of atmospheric air. The other pipe serves as an exhaust for the system. This makes the water heater capable of expelling carbon monoxide and other product of combustion horizontally and vertically, through a single wall and roof penetration respectively. An indoor water heater can be installed in an indoor area of a house.

Rinnai RL75e Model Review

Rinnai RL75e Model Review
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The Rinnai RL75e Model is an outdoors tankless water heater in the Rinnai RL75 series. The water heater is meant to be installed outdoor. Since it is an outdoor water heater, it does not require venting of any form. The Rinnai RL75e however does requires a proper placing of the exhaust. This is to avoid blowbacks which can in turn damage the entire system. More details on its installation can be found in the users manual, so make sure to go through it well.

Features of the Rinnai RL75 series

Rinnai-HeatersThe tankless water series has equal power said to be 180,000 BTU. The water heaters also have a hot water delivery of 7.5GPM. These power specifications make the water heater ideal for home making use of two to three bathrooms actively.

The water heaters also have a minimum water flow rate set to be at least 0.4 GPM in total. This is a common feature for most “Rinnai” products. This makes the water heaters perfect for situations whereby limited water flow is needed. A good example of situations like this is; shaving or cleaning a stained material. 

The water heaters have a maximum water storage capacity of 7.5 gallons. For those who require larger storage capacity, an EzConnect can be used to connect two identical models of the water heaters. This makes more water available for general consumption, in the home and places with tubs, spas and huge bathrooms.

Rinnai makes it possible for those looking to solve a much larger water heating problems, by being able to connect about 25 tankless water heater units together, making use of a multi-unit control process specifically designed for this purpose. 

The Rinnai RL75 series also features a sealed combustion system with allows for zero clearance. The Rinnai RL75 series is small in size so it takes up a small area of about 14×22.9×9.6 for its wall mounted installation.


  • The water heaters have a flame rod designed for use in case of a flame failure
  • The presence of a combustion fan rpm helps to properly check and monitor the exhaust of the water heater to see if all is going fine.
  • This water heater is designed to only boil water up to a certain rate. Therefore, users are protected from over boiling of water.
  • The presence of a thermal fuse helps to prevent the water heater materials from a possible explosion, which might be triggered by overheating. 
  • The water heater also has an automatic frost protection indicator.
  • The water is well equipped with a condensate trap and drain line, directly from the manufacturer.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Rinnai RL75

Rinnai RL75e Model Review
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As per usual, nothing has advantages without some disadvantages. The advantage of using the Rinnai RL75 series far outweigh its disadvantages. Having the water heater installed, not only gives you access to consistent hot water supply, it also helps you save money on electricity. Another advantage of the Rinnai RL75 is that it makes use of the latest water heating technology to provide an endless supply of hot water.
The major disadvantages of a water heater lie in its size. The small size of the Rinnai RL75 limits the amount of hot water, users have access to at once.


The success of the Rinnai RL75 series of water heater has helped placed Rinnai as a major competitor in the tankless water heater industry. This success is basically due to the superior nature of the products and its many advantages over the other in the same market.

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